Saturday, 8 December 2012

Through The Stars (I Must Go On)

Drifting and weaving
my thoughts leave me
through the whirling constellation of stars forever plunging
I sink to the depth
out of the dark still silence
I send out my call.
The only sound, the steady throbbing,
my heart explodes
the heart of the beast.
I slip along the wild line
as she slides forever forward
haunting and hunting.
Slowly, surely, steadily
careful as I go
one step in front of the other.
Danger surrounds me
picking a path through the myriad of mayhem.
I will be home soon
seeking out the final destination.

The last port of call,
I smell the flesh of hunting’s end
in a journey through the open spaces of the
empty, quiet, still void.
I must go on.
And the beast pushes on
it is in my nature
through the bitter silence
I hear the shadow,
the darkness has a cry
of stars colliding in harmony
Before my eyes.

The sky tells me I am not alone
I must go on.
Stars part and in the emptiness crisp shapes form
I see my constellation and it rises
slowly silhouetting against
the backdrop of daybreak.
I must go on.

© Fergus Martin and Miriam Dunn