Monday, 13 January 2014

Extract From The Company Annals

The Company's Betrayal
Sawtooth - Company Scribe

Wind whipping through frost covered branches,
rattling like bones of the dead in a box,
the night sky turns red as I gaze at the moon,
I hear the laughter as the devil he mocks.
The battalion stands strong as it's done through the ages,
our battles fought hard and with honour,
our commission was paid and we fight to the end,
only this time our fight is not pure.

Outsmarted, deceived, the contract was signed,
and we fled to the north and it's battles,
the frozen lands and their great carpets of ice,
all through the winter, that devil he cackles.
Through the ages of man the company has stood,
five thousand strong and feared for their skills,
most honourable foes to take to the field,
no honour this time as we number our kills.

The quick silvered tongue of the man with the coin,
laid out a path that was righteous and good,
but the truth was revealed through the battles we fought,
as we drove north to the stench ridden wood.
For each battle won revealed the truth of our fate,
usurped into serving those gods from the past,
the demons of tales that become myth and legend,
the brotherhood sold as the die was re-cast.

Standing knee-deep in the blood of the fallen,
I search for a path that will lead us to freedom,
a light in the dark we have chosen to follow,
a home with the righteous for this proven legion.
The battalion stands strong in the face of such evil,
the light in the sky may provide our source of salvation,
the tales from the past shine like new in our darkness,
will a ghost from our history be our redemption?

© Fergus Martin